More Alive Now is a mindset, a nutritional lifestyle approach to healthy, joyful living using innovative nutritional tools that make sense, are easy to follow, and will last a lifetime.

Transform to Lifelong Vitality

Our signature product, kefir d’acqua, began in 2002 in South Lake Tahoe, California, in Susan’s home kitchen, after her son was diagnosed with autism before the age of three. Combining conventional and alternative approaches, Susan also searched for nutritional answers to help unlock the mystery of this label. Susan received several live cultures and valuable information from kefir expert and Australian resident, Dom Anfiteatro, and kefir d’acqua quickly became a nourishing staple at home and among the family.

There are many factors in Susan’s success with her son, with nutrition and probiotic foods a significant part of the contribution. She witnessed her son’s immune system becoming resolute. Speech and eye contact improving. Sleeping through the night. Times of joy. The biggest life-changing event was the striking progress of evolving wellness, energy and vitality in her own self, and the ability to meet challenges with strength and clarity.

The delightful taste of kefir d’acqua made a simple way to give a boost of probiotic nutrition, gut health, and immunity, and Susan began sharing private reserves with her community. Susan perfected her method and enhanced her mother culture over time, while experimenting with other creations. Her kitchen list includes kefir d’acqua, kombucha, kefir krauts, kefir dips and sauces, fermented grain dishes, sour doughs, and other alchemical bubbling delights.

In 2010, Susan published her book, “MORE ALIVE NOW: Simple Nutrition to Change your Life” as a result of her nutritional and alchemical journey with her son and his diagnosis of autism, and as a response to many patients inquiring about her art of nutritional changes to optimize health and joyful living.

At the end of 2017, with the encouragement and support from friends and family, Susan began large volume fermentation and R&D in South Lake Tahoe, CA, with phenomenal breakthrough experiences. In 2018, the More Alive Now production doors have opened in our neighboring city of Gardnerville, NV, offering authentic kefir d’acqua to the surrounding community, and a new taste experience to the fermented beverage industry.

Susan Frailey


Susan is an author, mother, speaker, self-help advocate and researcher. Susan is also founder of Osana Health Innovations Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. She is a registered nurse, board certified in gastroenterology, with 30 year plus history in medicine, wellness, digestive health, and patient care. Susan’s passion is now focused on the health and wellness industry, channeling her accumulated knowledge and experience into More Alive Now to bring delicious, transformational foods to the mainstream lifestyle.